Ask us how we can help!

Can You Help ME?

For sure. Nobody has all the required skill sets for success. We all need help and all we need to do, is ask for it!

Knowing that there is “nothing for nothing”, most prospective clients at this point, ask (themselves)…ya’ but, can I afford it? The truth is that you are already “affording it” with income not being earned and received or expended time or energy and, in truth, all three combined. The cost of not doing anything is immense compared to the all the fees you could possibly pay us as consultants, coaches or mentors. In fact, this is the White Knight |Consult | Coach | Mentor "value proposition".

What exactly does you DO?

  • First, Roderick MacKenzie from White Knight |Consult | Coach | Mentor listens for as long as it takes for both you and him to clearly understand what you truly want and what the actual causes or issues are that are getting in the way - the issues, not just the symptoms that so often send us down the wrong “rabbit hole” but the root problem(s) or issues.
  • Next, he creates the plan(s) and integrates the strategies which are needed to be utilized.
  • Implementation and deployment is next.
  • Finally, he and the client measure progress at regular intervals, tweaking and adjusting as they go.

HOW can you help me?

  • The “how” part is meeting both face to face and/or remotely (utilizing Video Conferencing Technology).
  • The frequency and method of our meetings will be mutually determined based on efficiency, productivity and affordability.