Is it worth the cost?

What will it cost me? What am I committing to?

You are probably expecting the usual Consultant’s answer to this question - "Well, it depends".

  • White Knight Consult|Coach|Mentor's straight-to-the-point answer is that you will pay our hourly fee for the time we spend together, plus the time we spend working on your file (mostly preparation), (in 15 min increments) in accordance with the Engagement Agreement (EA) we both execute.
  • Travel time and actual expenses incurred are also billed.
  • Monthly EA Fees are billed in advance with a retainer required at engagement in the amount of 50% of the anticipated fee for the first 3 months.
  • Your commitment, is to meet with Rod MacKenzie for 50% of the anticipated number of hours anticipated for months 1 to 3. (you will have already paid for these hours with your non-refundable retainer fee).