COVID-19 is also an Opportunity

Onward & upward…together!

I just received this link from a friend and even though it is a TED talk from more than 13 years ago, the speaker is predicting a pandemic like COVID-19 that we are currently experiencing. He exhorts us all to learn from his experiences with pandemics and take action now by getting behind and supporting the Canadian created Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN), an Ottawa Public Health Agency.

The common theme of most conversations that I’m having these days usually starts with how COVID-19 is the “great equalizer” and how we are “all in this together“. Larry Brilliant, in his TED presentation pointed this out back then saying the proven & only tactic to employ is Early Detection and Early Response by a “United Front”...TOGETHER!

I believe that globally we are in the “Era of the Individual” (E of I) as postulated by Oracle Corporation in their White Paper of March 2016, is basically saying that the only strategy to use against all our global challenges is that of coming together at the grass-roots level; all local Communities who daisy-chain-unite to conquer our common foes.

All this to say that we each need to find and support local and virtual Communities created on the “Moral High-ground” of meeting the needs of all its constituents in a fair, honest, transparent and equitable manner. Communities like this are starting to emerge and I plan to point you at them for your consideration as we all move forward and navigate our new reality.

…just sayin’, Rod

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