Roderick S MacKenzie, CLU, CHS, MFA
Estate & Succession Planning Specialist

My name is Rod MacKenzie of Mackenzie Consulting ( Welcome to my “Blog”, where I intend to keep you informed about a wide variety of subject.

I have been helping individuals succeed and prosper for over 40 years by assisting small business in creating a plan, implementing it, and be held accountable for doing what they say they want and intend to do.

The majority of my clients are Small Business Owners and Health Care Professionals. These are the people who control economic engines, giving them the potential to more easily create the “Personal Wealth” they want. My practice has recently grown to include employees as well, since I now have access to tools that allow Employees or Individuals to prosper more easily by leveling the playing field with the “Big Guys”, the Big Guys who have always taken advantage of us Little Guy, to our very great detriment.

This blog will focus on 4 different main subjects, and all posts will be available under the related “category”:

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