Who Are We?

Who is Rod MacKenzie and White Knight Consult|Coach|Mentor?

The one constant in his 40 plus year business career has been to help individuals succeed and prosper.

He delivers value by helping his clients create a plan, implement it and hold themselves accountable - accountable for doing what they say they want and intend to do.

While Rod is the sounding board, there is no question that his clients always do the “heavy lifting”. They know their businesses, and all the answers they need, they already know.  His value lies in getting them to take a break from “the tyranny of the urgent”, create a plan(s) and then ensure they do what is needed.

Our Clients

Most of Rod MacKenzie's clients are Small Business Owners and Health Care Professionals. He gravitated to them and them to him because unlike employees, they control economic engines giving them the potential to more easily create the “Personal Wealth” they want. Of late, his practice has grown to include employees as well, since he now has access to tools that allow Employees or Individuals to prosper more easily by leveling the playing field with the “Big Guys”, the Big Guys who have always taken advantage of us Little Guy, to our very great detriment.

Our Mission Statement

Rod has now embarked on re-branding himself from MacKenzie Planning Services Inc. to White Knight Rod MacKenzie from White Knight Consult|Coach|Mentor. He believes in fighting for what is fair, true, honest and right for all us Little Guys. Little Guys need a champion and he intends to lead the charge.

Rod MacKenzie has already created the Financial and Wellness Platform that levels the playing field for us all; BoomXRZ Inc.

In short, he truly get great satisfaction from helping people. He also enjoys and expects to be fairly and appropriately compensated for the significant value that he delivers to his clients.