We can Help!

Roderick MacKenzie from White Knight |Consult | Coach | Mentor has been helping individuals succeed and prosper for over 40 years.

We deliver "value" by helping small business create a plan, implement it and be accountable for doing what they say they want and intend to do.

We are the "sounding board" but our clients do the heavy lifting! Our clients know their own business and therefore already know the answers, they just need us to guide them in the right direction.

What Do We Do for YOU?

  • We listen and then get to the bottom of what you really want.
  • We figure out what issues are getting in the way.
  • We create a plan to integrate the right strategies.
  • We measure progress at regular intervals.

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What Will it Cost?

  • Based on consultaton time required
  • Time for file preparation
  • Travel time or other expenses
  • Monthly EA fees

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Who Needs Us?

  • Those who want to achieve outcomes they aren't getting right now.
  • Those who want to grow their profit by controlling costs
  • Changing financial business models.
  • Many other reasons...

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Next Steps

  • Schedule an initial consult.
  • Our initial "Meet N' Greet" are no cost or obligation.
  • Can be in person, by phone or Skype.

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Roderick S. MacKenzie, CLU, CHS, Principal Consultant, White Knight Consult|Coach|Mentor.

Rod's goal is to help clients fight for what is fair, true, honest and right for of the "little guys". He feels that the small business needs a champion who will help level the playing field so that not only big business benefits.

Ask Rod about the Financial and Wellness Platform that he has created under the name Boom XRZ Inc.